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In their words: Sasha Mitchell

Blog post   •   Aug 18, 2016 12:41 BST

Sasha (right) with sister Rebecca

I was only three when my sister Rebecca had to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital, yet I remember so much.

I remember knowing that Mum was sad and that Rebecca was ill. But I didn’t just know how ill she was – I just thought she had a painful chest and that she would get better soon. I was too young to properly understand. I didn’t see her on the ECMO machine, because it would have been too scary to see her like that.

I remember staying at one of The Sick Children’s Trust’s ‘Homes from Home’, Guilford Street House. I didn’t really realise what it was at the time – I thought it was our au pair Petra's apartment. I remember sitting at the kitchen table at breakfast time, eating toast and watching CBBC. I remember I wasn't scared, because it all felt relatively normal. And that was exactly how my parents wanted me to feel.

I remember the good days. Playing with Kristie in the play area and being pushed along the ward on Rebecca’s wheelchair, or sitting with Rebecca in her hospital bed making bead characters. I remember I always wanted to eat the rest of her hospital food.

With everything that has happened, and all that The Sick Children’s Trust has done to help our family, we want to repay them. So I am attempting a tandem skydive in September 2016 to raise money. I wouldn’t want any family to have to go through such an awful situation, but if they did I would want them to have the support that we had from The Sick Children’s Trust.

Sasha, now 16: Rebecca's younger sister

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